Block Board

Raw Material

Blockboard is a wood based panel, made up of a core of softwood strips glued together. The strips may be up to about 28mm wide and are placed edge to edge and sandwiched between veneers of softwood, hardwood or thin MDF or particleboard, glued under high pressure and temperature.
The internal strips are generally made of light weight poplar wood or spruce.


Block board does not have any grain and it can be finished by applying paint on it. If you want wood grain finishing then you would need to put a veneer or teak ply on the block board
To protect block board the steps below should be taken.
  • Make sure that the board does not ¬†get in touch with water as it can damage it.
  • Clean the board with a clean soft cloth to remove the dust.
  • Do not mop with damp cloth.
  • Once you finish the block board with paint or veneer wood then the maintenance steps for those finishes should be followed accordingly.


  • Block boards are light in weight and comes with a high strength.
  • Easy to handle and work with.
  • Used for all site applications, furniture and door manufacturing with high utility.


Comparatively expensive.